Reverso (M) 18mm to 25mm Black




Non-Stick Coated Barrels
  • Provides a protective barrier for the hair shaft.
  • Hair glides easily over the barrel
  • Easily wipes clean to avoid residue buildup
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Light-weight revolving handle
  • Maximizes every turn
  • Constructed with heat-resistant material
  • 8 foot tangle free cord
  • 100% Heat Resistant Safety Glove

Reverso (M) 18mm to 25mm Black

Product Description

Enzo Milano's Conico Reverso 18MM to 25MM Clipless Curling Iron with DVD

The Enzo Milano styling Reverso is the most versatile curling iron on the market today. It's the only iron in the industry that can create numerous looks with our patented cone shaped barrel. Looks ranging from to large curls, with dramatic volume at the root and waves that can all be created with just one iron! The Reverso gives you more volume at the root, and incredible hold time that cannot be duplicated with any other brand.

Tribostatic® Technology
Enzo Milano™ Clipless Curling Irons use a state of the art ceramic core, surrounded by our exclusive Tribostatic™ heat sink. The even heat of our exclusive Tribostatic® Curling Irons in conjunction with the presence of negative ions will cause proteins within the hair shaft to shift from its original form to create a new bond between the protein chains and re-establish evenly throughout the hair shaft sealing the hair cuticle into its curled state.

How does Tribostatic® heat sink work?
Tribostatic® heat sink is a passive heat with an ion sink used to control the temperature of the ceramic resistor device by distributing the heat and ions evenly throughout the curling iron barrel.

How do Enzo Milano™ Irons produce negative ions?
Enzo Milano™ Irons produce negative ions by using the highest grade materials that have the tendency to become negatively charged. These materials produce the most negative ions on the market today.

Enzo Milano™ Irons give every single turn of the curl, the same consistent heat, resulting in an incredible hold time with any product use.